Stift Schlägl Doppel Bock

schlagl_RZ_BE_0_5l_doppelbockLight honey colored with a splotchy, spotty head, Schlägl Doppel Bock leaves a tsunami of lace on the glass.  The bouquet of this helles doppelbock is a tad rusty, but not too much so.  OK, this is the weird part…the bouquet has a crisp freshness to it, but it also has a slight musty note, like a cellar.  Kind of contradictory, but it seems to work.  Stift Schlagl is super sweet, and there’s a good dose of alcoholy malt in the exhale.  There is not much of a hop presence to speak of, and the effect Stift Schlägl has on the gut can be described as warming.  This would be a good beverage to help melt away the weightiness of a pork and starch-laden Central European meal.  Stift Schlägl Doppel Bock is a good representation of the style, and if you need your ears warmed by an 8.3% ABV beer, drink this stuff.

Plus, Stiftsbrauereischlagl of Aigen, Austria is 100% owned by a monastery, but really, you need to go to this website and read down to the part of about the person who was provost between 1609 to 1622.

I apologize.


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  1. I’m sure the Provost’s name is actually a nickname.

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