The Reverend

Image courtesy of Avery Brewing company

Image courtesy of Avery Brewing Company

Even though I visited Boulder, CO this summer and immersed myself in the brew culture, I did not have a chance to try anything from Avery Brewing Company.  I wanted to, but there was just so much beer there I couldn’t try it all, although I certainly did try.  Trying times.  Anyway, (who said that?) I bought a bottle of The Reverend from Avery, a Belgian-style quadrupel ale this past week and split it with my wife.  At 10% ABV, and on a school night, it’s a good idea to share.  The Reverend pours light ruby red with a light tan colored head.  TONS of lacing decorated the glass.  I liked the sweet, yeasty bouquet with its rock candy and slightly cinnamon notes.  Super sweet on the tongue, The Reverend finishes dry on the back of the tongue and lingers bitterly in the throat and a little doughy malt is evident in the exhale.  The Reverend is pretty good, but even as it warms, no real complexities in its character expose themselves, as they would in an Ommegang, Brother Thelonius or a real Belgian quad like St. Bernardus.  I was disappointed, a bit, but there’s a lot of competition in the category, and by comparison I find The Reverend to be a…

79/100 quadrupel ale

One last note:  The foil on the label is delaminating after being removed from the bottle and it makes me sad.


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