Big River Brewing Company

If you are ever in Nashville, and the waters have receded, consider going to Big River Brewing Company for a beer.  They call it Gordon Biersch in my neck of the woods, and the beer is just as good.  The House IPA is copper colored, and the dry-hopping leaves a slight haze.  The sparse white head lasts long enough and produces a fair amount of lacing.  Why do I like lacing?  Because if shows me the rice was not used in the brewing process.  Freakin’ Budweiser.  Anyway, House IPA has an average amount of carbonation to finish off the lovely visuals.  The sweet, floral hop bouquet has a mildly perfumy quality and a bit of an alcoholic whiff.  House IPA has a good, firm body and is smooth and sweet with a big hop presence, which morphs into a light carmel sweetness and finishes with a dry, flowery crescendo.  It is definitely a good IPA.  Not a knock-your-socks-off IPA, but worth a try. 

The Iron Horse Porter was good, too.  Coffee and licorice bouquet, black with a tan head, lots of lacing, dry and medium bodied.  Try one!


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