Sky High Rye

Got this one for $3.49 for a single 22 oz. bottle.  The fact that it was made with rye and that it was on the discount table made me buy it.  I almost did not buy it because of the awful, amateurish label art.  Really, didn’t someone look at it before it went to the printer’s?  Granted, the fresh batch seems to sport a nice new design, as you can see on Arcadia Ales‘ website, but my bottle…bad.  Anyway, this is one super fizzy, super foamy beer.  Huge head, and a thick lace-producing glob lingered all the way to the bottom of the glass.  Nice!  Sky High Rye is honey-colored and cloudy, with a hint of blush.  The bouquet is really enticing, being a well-balanced melange of sweet, hop and mild spice.  Sky high is full flavored yet, medium bodied, making it quite drinkable.  6% ABV makes it just strong enough to enjoy a buzz without feeling the need for a nap.  The flavor profile starts hoppy, and maybe a bit soapy, but the richness of the malt, the earthy pepper-spice and the dry bitter finish cast the soapiness aside quickly.  There’s a little sweet flower in the exhale.  The dryness and bitterness subsides in time for your next mouthful.  This is a really good rye beer and I’d buy it again, if I found it on the discount table.  The thing is, as rye beers go, this is good and quite enjoyable, but I prefer Cane & Ebel in the rye beer category.  Yes, I recommend it, definitely worth a try.


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