Gumball Rally

We had a great Halloween party this year and lots of folks brought nice beer.  My friends Al and Tonia came as Wrigley Field, and would not have been welcomed if it were not for the 2 sixers that they brought.  Both came from Three Floyds Brewing Company in Munster, IN.  Tonight I’ll tell you about one, namely Gumballhead Wheat Beer.  Although it is unfiltered, it poured very clear, light gold and lightly carbonated, and didn’t produce much of a head.  The bouquet is very hoppy with a hint of pine.  It tastes very hoppy initially, and finishes dry, proceeding from lightly sweet to slightly citrusy.  It is not yeasty, like so many breweries of Three Floyds caliber tend to be.  It’s not what I expected from a wheat beer.  It seemed more like a pale ale.  It’s light in many ways except for in flavor.  That’s a big thumbs up.


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  1. Lately we Ron, Ethan and I (Mostly Ethan, then Ron, then me sometimes) have been ordering Dead Guy Ale from the Rogue Brewery in Newport, Oregon. We visited the brewer last August while the rest of the family was crabbing off the pier nearby. For me mostly I like to order the stuff and hear the waiter say,”who ordered the dead guy?” 🙂

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