The End of the World

It sounds dramatic, but it just refers to a beer, La Fin Du Mond, and that just refers to the farthest reaches of the known world to the French in the early 17th century, and that in turn refers to my favorite place these days, namely Quebec.  La Fin Du Mond is tasty, especially when enjoyed at Les Anciens Canadiens, home of Sugar Pie and the best filet you’ll ever have.  And when a very sexy, Mary Steenbergenesque waitress serves it to you and translates the label with a wonderful accent, it makes the whole experience magical.  It is a blonde beer, pretty clear, very bubbly and it produces a fluffy white head.  The bouquet is a tad tart, yeasty, citrusy and a bit spicy, and all in all kind of sexy itself.  The taste is relatively mild, but loaded with subtleties.  Smooth, sweet, tart and lemony nuances swim about in your mouth.  There’s a good whiff of alcohol in the nose on the exhale after the first drink.  It is very drinkable and not too intense or complex, as all of the various taste sensations are well balanced.  It is great with the Quebecer Meat Pie, too!

Have I mentioned that I love Quebec?

Bon Soir!


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