Samuel Adams Hazel Brown

Image courtesy of Boston Beer Company

Let me start by saying (or reminding you) that nut brown ales generally do nothing for me.  That being said, this is my attempt at a fair and impartial review of Samuel Adams Hazel Brown, a nut brown ale with hazelnut as the nut.  It pours brown with a wispy head and average carbonation.  The bouquet has caramel/butterscotch notes, hazelnut, roasted nuts, they’re all there.  5.2% ABV, and you can kind of feel it if you are used to Miller Lite.  Not that I am.  Oh no, I’m too cool.  I have an issue with the label saying “ale with natural flavors added”.  What?  The beer tasted of hazelnuts and yeast.  Something tells me that if I added some spice I’d have a Christmas beer.  It’s not awful, in fact it’s not bad, it’s just not my cup of…beer.

60/100 Brown Ale


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