Flywheel Bright Lager

No flies on them!

No flies on them!

A new local brew – YAY!  I still remember Baderbrau and Legacy Lager fondly.  I don’t know how they didn’t catch on here.  Anyway(s), Metropolitan Brewing of Chicago has produced a real winner in Flywheel Bright Lager.  There are no flies on them, as Grampa Abt would say.  It’s bright yellow with the slightest of haze, a bit of carbonation and a good head with good lacing.  There are a variety of bubble sizes in the head if that means anything.  I think it’s good because the momentary head you get on a Bud (when’s the last time I had a Bud?  1985 maybe?) or a Miller tends to be uniform and fleeting.  The texture is smooth and creamy, surprisingly.  The bouquet is well balanced between mildly pungent hops and light malt, with the hops providing an interesting spiciness on the tongue.  Maybe it’s a bit peppery or has a hint of some oriental spice like mace or allspice.  It reminded me of the interesting fragrance that items sent to my family by my Aunt in Brasil in the 70s, and mildly peppery or woody would be the description.  This is a fine, superior beer, and will go great with hot and spicy summertime foods.  This is a HIGH RECOMMENDATION.  Try Binny’s, and on tap at various places around town, Hopleaf, for one.

The photo is courtesy of The ChiGuide, which also is worth a read.


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