Coming Home 2013 Holiday Ale

Image courtesy of wisconsin Beer Geek.

Image courtesy of Wisconsin Beer Geek.

I’m not a huge fan of holiday ales.  Too much cinnamon and nutmeg, which I enjoy in food, but not so much in beer.  I’m sure I’ve said it before.  Sorry.  Coming Home 2013 Holiday Ale is not so nutmeggy, and it’s also not availble unless you cellared a bottle like I did.  It pours medium to light orange with champagne-like carbonation.  The initially generous tan head becomes a thin, one layer of bubbles that can’t resist the gravitational pull of the edge of the glass and ends up as a flimsy ring fairly quickly.  There’s some banana in the bouquet, and some caramel, but still not so much spice.  I could almost be convinced the spice notes are from a weird yeast strain.  Coming Home 2013 Holiday Ale has smooth caramel notes in its flavor as well, and some alcohol sharpness (7.5% ABV) in the finish.  A little rust in the finish tells you that there is at least some quantity of hops in the recipe.  Not so holiday-y as Belgian Dubbely.  I believe this year’s recipe will be different, so if this sounds like a good beer to you, keep a look out.  Coming November 1 to a bottle store near you.


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