Seasonal Greetings

With Christmas upon us, the urge to overindulge is in full swing.  My advice:  don’t.  You’re old enough to know better.  You won’t feel good.  With that bit of sage wisdom expressed, I will turn my thoughts to beer, a direction my thoughts turn regularly.

A coworker gave me some Samuel Adams Winterfest. I’m usually skeptical when I read “spiced” on the label, excepting when the beer is from Belgium. They seem to know how to do it right. I was pleasantly surprised.

It poured a deep garnet red, supported a decent white head and produced some above average carbonation.  I didn’t find it possible to single out any spices, although the Boston Brewery website says that there is cinnamon, ginger and orange peel in the brew.  Instead, I thought maybe a spicy hop was used to create the tang and dryness in the finish.  It was smooth in the mouth, and roasted malts were detectible in the finish.  Overall, I enjoyed it, but would probably not make a special trip to buy some.

Merry Christmas.



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