Dirty Old Man by Tyranena

Whoa, I think I just tasted the best porter of my life!  Dirty Old Man.  And, it’s fun to say to your bartender “I’d like a Dirty Old Man.”  This Imperial porter is aged in rye whiskey barrels, and contains some of the best flavors I’ve ever enjoyed.  Now, porters aren’t my favorite type of beer, at least I rarely seek them out, but this one could change that.  This deep brown beer is able to produce a dark tan head that lasts a few minutes, but then it collapses into a sparse film on that remains throughout.  It leaves lots of Brussels lace as well, but it doesn’t appear particularly well-carbonated.  The bouquet smells of vanilla, coffee and alcohol, all wrapped in a roasted carmel malt and tangy hop mantle.  It’s creamy and surprisingly smooth, and the smoked rye malt used shows itself at this point, and finishes with a large dose of hops.  The vanilla and creaminess is again featured in the exhale.  This is a special brew, and it would be good either with a heavy meal or for sipping and savoring.  This is a highly recommended beer, and I will be enjoying it again soon!


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