Pride & Joy: mild ale, wildly good.

Here's one Floyd. You might remember him from a January 2009 post.

Sometimes it gets a little old, writing descriptions of average beers, so it is with great pleasure that I write this review of Three Floyds Pride & Joy Mild Ale.  Described as a session beer, P & J is light amber and lightly carbonated, its receeding head leaving lots of lacing.  The piney, citrusy hops hit the nose the second the cap is removed from the bottle, possessing a rich but not overwhelming bouquet.  Light bodied and lively, the malt character is mild but not weak, well complimented by the hoppiness.  Piney and clean, with a floral note, the finish is clean, crisp and dry.  Another outstanding beer by Three Floyds, whose brews are available across the Chicagoland area, if not further, and a great introuction to their product for those who may be looking for something new and exciting to drink!


4 Responses

  1. WTF does any of this mean. Did it taste good or not? WTF is Piney? I’m just messing with you. I’m friends of K. Selph. How do you even taste that stuff man?

  2. You need to try 3 Floyd’s Zombie Dust. I got a case at the house if you wanna review it.

  3. One more thing…..Beerbliographer is hard to say and remember so for now on I will call you…..Beermaster.

    • Kevin is a bad influence, you’d be better off hanging with a convicted felon or a telemarketer. Piney is good! Lots of hops resin, and if you enjoy strong hops like I do, it’s a good thing. Anything from 3 Floyds is good, too. Drink local.

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