Double Take Belgian White

It seems to me you can hardly walk down the aisles of your favorite bootle store without seeing a new Belgian White of some sort.  That’s just fine, as it is an enjoyable style, and if it’s an introduction to styles other than the light macro-lagers that so many people drink I’m all for it.  The only problem for me is that too few aspire to be great, and only seem to hit mediocre.  I guess Double Take Belgian White is an exception, as it is surely better than mediocre, but well short of great.  Brewed by Double Take and marketed by Brewmaster’s Choice of Rochester, NY (in other words, contract brewed by Genesee for the Midwest market), Double Take Belgian White is light colored and yeasty with a big, foamy head and a general hazy appearance.  There’s a decent amount of carbonation to add a lively appearance to Double Take.  Oddly, I smell a cream aley bouquet reminiscent of Genny Cream Ale, but spicier and rustier.  The lace is super sticky and gives off an orange/citrus aroma and a good slice of wheat malt.  Grainy, a bit sharp and with a lingering bitterness, Double Take Belgian White is a likable beer, reasonably priced and something to consider purchasing if you see it at Trader Joe’s.  It’s not an over-the-top version of the style like Shock Top or Blue Moon, but it certainly holds its own in the world of domestic Belgian Whites.

70/100 Belgian Style White


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