Fox DeLuxe Discombobulator

No, not this Fox Deluxe, but cool image, right?

No, not this Fox Deluxe, but cool image, right?

The brewing credentials are curious on this one.  “Brewed under the authority of Fox DeLuxe, Oswego, Il, by Sand Creek Brewing Company, Black River Falls, WI.”  THE Fox DeLuxe?  Who owns the name?  Anyway, Discombobulator is a doppelbock lager and it was quite impressive.  Purchased at Binny’s in Willow Springs, this brew poured brown with orange highlights, floated a thin creamy head and displayed lively carbonation.  The bouquet is spicey and deeply malty, w/ carmel and date notes.  It was really creamy and smooth in the mouth and the carbonation explodes and coats the tongue.  There is a bit off coffee and grain in the flavor, with a raisiny feel in the finish, and all the while rich and sweet.;  The finish is dry and the hops kind of fry the tongue for a moment, but quickly subsides to reveal a pleasant warming sensation.  By the end of the 12oz. glass, my ears have become warm and I feel good.  One of the more complex beers I’ve had in a while.  Congrats to all involved, particularly me.


Good Old #34

America’s Brewing Company makes a number of good beers, but I need to tell you about this one.  Walter Payton Pilsner.  Forget the fact that it’s named after my favorite Bear of all time.  It’s a pretty picture.  Deep yellow, vigorous carbonation and a nice, fluffy, persistent head.  It leaves plenty of lacing as the level goes down, too.  There’s a sweet hoppiness in the bouquet, but at this point the bouquet is only eminating from the head, kind of favoring the hoppiness.  The bouquet reminds me of the first Moosehead I drank, on Mt. Tom near Pentwater, Michigan, with my brother, while camping out.  There’s almost a berry sweetness (I said Sweetness, how clever) to it once the head has been disturbed.  The texture is nice, not too thick, a bit sharp to hoppy to sweet to dry, in order of appearance.  There’s a hint of grain in the finish as well.  This stuff has a lot going for it, but I may be partial because of sentimental reasons.  None the less, it would be a welcome addition (and will probably become part of the permanent collection) to my well stocked beer fridge.