Pierre Ferrand Billionaire

No, he’s not some guy from upstate New York who won Powerball, it’s an English-style barleywine aged in Pierre Ferrand 30 year cognac barrels, courtesy of the folks at Mercury Brewing Company, Ipswich, MA.  That’s the closest I’ve ever been to cognac!  This deep ruby gem floats a generous beige head and produces some good, sticky lacing.  Pierre Ferrand Billionaire‘s sweet bouquet is rich with caramel malt and a touch of butterscotch.  Thick-bodied and substantial, the initial sweetness gives way fairly quickly to a bitter tinge.  Sweet indeed, but balanced in the end.  12% ABV makes the whole thing that much better.  Enjoy responsibly.


Image courtesy of Mercury Brewing CompanyPF_Billionaire


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