There was a time, maybe 1984 or so, when Coors was new to the Chicago market.  At that time I had just turned 21 and was only familiar with the taste of 5 or 6 different beers.  When Coors did come to Chicago, I thought a glass of Coors from the tap at Al’s Corral in Posen was a real tasty beverage.  Years later, I have tried it again with more critical tastebuds.  Despite the goodly amount of carbonation, not much head or lacing is present.  The bouquet and taste is mildly sweet, with not much of a hop presence until late in the finish, and then it is minimal.  I suspect adjuncts like rice or corn might be present.  Gimmicky packaging (the mountains on the label turns blue when cold) is silly for beer as well.  I just find Coors as average to lame.  I wouldn’t turn one down, but wouldn’t seek one out either.  I can only imagine how the “Silver Bullet” (more gimickry – silly nickname – that’s what they used to call the anti-syphilis pill) must taste.  I give Coors 51 out of 100 on the Beerbliographer scale.


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