Saint Bridget’s Porter by Great Divide Brw’g. Co.


In Chicago, we start getting bombarded with Irish culture this time of year, in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, so when I saw Saint Bridget’s Porter at Binny’s I had to buy some.  I’ll hop on any ethnic bandwagon, being of a generic ethnicity myself.  Saint Bridget was a patron saint of Ireland and the sexy mudflap babe-esque silhouette of her on the label was irresistable.  This porter is deep brown with a quickly collapsing fluffy head that leaves a ton of Brussels lace.  The bouquet features a smooth chocolate cream presence with a hint of yeast.  It’s smooth-bodied and creamy with a coffee note, and more yeast in the finish.  Not exactly a refreshing beer, but it is hearty and would accompany a nice hot meal on a cold winter’s day, while watching the Winter Olympics.


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  1. Is there a resurgence of porters lately? I haven’t noticed them at the beer store for the last 4 or 5 years…but lately they seem to be everywhere! I had pretty much given-up on dark beer…but I must say I have been drawn back by some of these…

    Four favorites:
    Founders Porter
    Southern Tier Dark Porter
    Rogue Mocha Porter [good price @ $6.49 for the big bottle]
    Anchor Steam Porter – good standby

  2. I can say that they are more popular since the mid 1980 when the micrpbrewery revolution took off, but as far as recently like the last few years I don’t know, but I would guess so. Everyone makes one. The great thing about American porters is the fact that we stray from traditional English porters by tweaking the recipe by adding more hops, smoked malts and even coffee, depending on the brewer. I too am a fan of Anchor Steam porter (Fritz Maytag is my hero. Seriously.) but I found that great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald was ordinary and kind of a let down. Maybe they are more true to the English style. I’ve been tempted to buy Rogue’s in the past but I got a bad bottle of Dead Guy and it turned me off. Stay tuned for some porter review soon. Such pleasant research!

  3. I enjoy browsing this page, always learn something interesting stuff.
    Emily R. from Husky Secrets

    • Thanks Emily. I like huskies, I was a Husky at NIU for a few years! It’s also where i learned about beer.

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