Hopivore, by New Holland

This wet-hopped American Pale Ale is a lovely deep orange-to-garnet brew with average visible carbonation and a splotchy, persistent head.  It laces well too.  I ended up with various similar-sized geometeric shapes, which I found odd but cool.  The maltiness of Hopivore actually hits the nose a split second before the initial dose of hops.  The bouquet is kind of earthy, with a hint of vanilla (?) and maybe corn (?).  It’s not off-putting by any means, just unique.  It’s not nearly as hoppy as I expected.  It is medium-bodied, and again earthy in the taste.  It’s rich enough to thicken the saliva.  It’s not overly dry or particularly bitter, which is another surprise, but there is some lingering dryness in the distant finish.  It’s good, but I expected more hops.  68/100


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