Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

The Mad Monk wants YOU!

Here’s another one that takes a lot of concentration to figure out, being both complex and over the top, but in a very good way.  Old Rasputin by North Coast Brewing pours black as night, and from the bottle it produced a decent head, but not as big as I’d have expected, and it receding fairly quickly to a thin sparse patchwork.  The lacing left behind was good, and it slowly slid down the sides of the glass to reunite with the beer as the pint was drained.  The bouquet was rich with dark chocolate and coffee with a bit of brown sugary sweetness.  The mouthfeel is smooth and full-bodied with just a hint of hop and alcohol bite.  The taste is amazing, with chocolate, coffee, heavy cream and licorice coming to mind.  It becomes bitter and more coffeelike in the finish, but that doesn’t last long.  This is a 9% ABV brew, and it’s thick enough to seal your roofing shingles with, so be careful when drinking this stuff.

This is another fine offering from North Coast Brewing!


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