Obligatory Fraternal Beer Review


The pride of Columbus...I wonder if it's appreciated there?

I have been remiss in not reviewing one of my favorite brews, especially since I’ve enjoyed it on occasion for 3 or 4 years.  And since very few good things come from Columbus, Ohio, I should have made a point of noting this exception sooner.  Columbus 90 Shilling Ale is a Scottish -style ale and is full of malty flavors and whiffs of smoke.  It’s a deep red-brown beer and it produces a foamy head that tends to last.  The evidence of a good amount of lacing supportsd the claim of 5 quality malts.  The hops is definitely secondary in 90 Shilling, and makes its presence known in a mild sharpness in the nose, which in tandem with the alcohol bite in the exhale pulls the whole thing together as a complex-yet-enjoyable, medium bodied ale.  It’s one of my favorite Scotch ales, along with Arcadia’s Scotch Ale and Three Floyds Robert the Bruce.  The bad thing about regional and brewpub brews like 90 Shilling is that it can’t be purchased in Chicago, but the good thing is that it never disappoints when I get a hold of some.

DISCLAIMER:  I honestly have nothing against Columbus, Ohio, it’s a lovely place w/ a German neighborhood, a topiary Isle of La Grand Jatte, good schools, a Giant Eagle, and a champion soccer team, the above was just my way of insulting my brother Jim who resides there.   He’s my connection, and brings the 90 Shilling when he comes to Chicago, for which I am truly grateful.


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