Summer Vacation Beer, Part 4

My last beer junket found me in Ludington, MI, a place I spent many wonderful summer vacations as a child, and home to Jamesport Brewing Company.  When on the road and in need of getting a good idea of the nature of the brewpub, I order a flight.  The particular flight I ordered consisted of:

IPA – This honey-colored, hazy brew with minimal head packed a piney hops punch.  It was plenty dry and bitter, but the malt presence counteracted that just a bit.

Strong Ale – Although this unfiltered, brown, brackish brew had a malty and earthy bouquet, it did not seem particularly strong to me.  Malt trumps hops on this one.

ESB – Clear, with a minimal head, this ESB features hops that go from piney to floral.  It’s not too strong, dry or bitter, and possesses a smooth, clean finish.  It’s good!

Nitro-Stout – Roasted black patent malt, coffee, burnt chocolate…it’s all there.  This one is like Guinness Pub Draft, but with more personality.

Blueberry Wheat – Flavored wheat beers are hit or miss as far as I’m concerned, but Jamesport’s Blueberry Wheat is a grand slam.  It exudes freshness and has spicey notes throughout, and just enough blueberry within.  Highly carbonated with white lace galore, this American Wheat Beer is golden yellow and served with a few locally-produced blueberries floating in the head.  I loved this one!

If you are in Ludington, like good beer and good food, you will not be disappointed by the Jamesport Brewing Company.  And if you are looking for Gibb’s Family Restaurant, it’s gone.


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