Brickstone APA

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Brickstone APA (Brickstone Brewery, Bourbonnais, IL) is a surprise.  A very pleasant surprise.  I’d heard rumblings of a good brewery far south of Chicago, but didn’t realize what a player they actually are until my cousin brought a bottle of Brickstone APA over.  He said it was his favorite beer, and I can see why.  This 6.25% ABV American Pale Ale won gold at the 2012 GABF and bronze at the 2012 WBC in the APA category.  It pours a dirty medium gold, a bit cloudy, sporting a good beige head.  Head retention and lacing is commendable.  Breathe in the bouquet and you are treated to a floral, piney hop sensation that ends with a ful sweetness.  Brickstone APA is dryish, with a nice alcohol tang and a finish that features a rich malty sweetness.  Spend some time considering the bitterness that remains.  I think you’ll agree with the experts, and this humble hobbyist, that Brickstone APA is a winner!

91/100 APA


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