Lagunitas Strikes Again

lagunitas_brown_shuggaEverything I’ve tried from the folks at Lagunitas Brewing Company has been top notch, but the other night I had a particularly great one.  Brown Sugga.  It was a great accompaniment to some hilarious conversation with some cousins on a chilly December evening.  Brown Sugga is a barleywine boasting 9.9% alcohol by volume and it’s an appealing medium brown in the glass, an imperial pint glass in this case.  It’s thin head belies the abundant lacing left as the pint is enjoyed.  It’s sweet and hoppy with just a hint of a slightly off scent, maybe like…fish?  Rust?  It wasn’t off-putting, just a bit unusual.  The flavor is great, very sweet and hoppy, but not at all dry.  I think this is only the second time I’ve had a barley wine, but I could see myself seeking out others.  Enjoy it at Galway Tribes in Frankfort, Illinois, $6.00 for a 20 oz. draft.  A good value.


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