Ommegang Abbey Ale

Brewery Ommegang is one of my favorite domestic beer producers.  I’ve never had a product of theirs that hasn’t been really good.  Ommegang Abbey Ale is no exception.  It pours deep amber with a rich beige head, lots of lace and vigorous carbonation.  The bouquet is malty with a good dose of candi sugar and a touch of sharp hops and alcohol.  It is very fizzy on the tongue, initially tart, but soon yielding notes of green apple, yeast, floral hops and some orange citrus.  The lacing decorates the glass from start to finish.  This brew is smooth and velvety, 8.5% ABV, and is a joy to drink, and just one of many reasons Brewery Ommegang is so special!


2 Responses

  1. Just visited their brewery in Cooperstown, NY & absolutely loved it! Tried the Hennepin, Abbery Ale, Witte, Rare Vos, Three Philosophers, the Chocolate Indulgence, and a bunch of their cheeses. Quite an enjoyable experience overall. 🙂

    Nice blog BTW! Hope you don’t mind if I occasionally link to yours in my posts.

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