25th Anniversary ESB

Every so often you get a beer in you and just go WOW!  Goose Island 25th Anniversary ESB is one of those beers.  It pours medium amber with a good deal of carbonation and a pretty consistent 1/4″ random-bead head.  There’s an excellent malt/hop bouquet with the rich malt first and the clean hops second.  There’s plenty of sweetness in this medium-bodied beer with a lightly bitter finish.  Goose Island 25th Anniversary ESB is a 6.4% ABV beer, so it’s not exactly a session beer, but I’d sure have 2.  Part of the reason this beer made me say WOW! is because it immediately took me back to the mid-1980s when I first visited the Goose Island Brew Pub on North Clybourn.  I also had flashbacks to the Weinkeller in Berwyn.  This is how the first craft beers tasted, and the memory of them is clear in my head.  Beers like Goose Island 25th Anniversary ESB remind why I like beer.

88/100 ESB


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