Lvivske 1715 Lager

I am lucky to have a small grocery store that has an Eastern European clientele, and in turn carries all sorts of Eastern European goodies.  Breads, pastries, things with letter combinations not seen west of Prague, etc.  But the beer, the beer, lots to choose from, unusual, some time of questionable origin and expiration date, but all intriguing in their own way.  Lvivske Lager, my first Ukrainian beer, is a pale straw color with a frothy-yet-fleeting head, and lacing of the same ilk.  There is a slight haze to it, intentional or not, I dinna ken.  It’s 3.7% ABV, so it is a bit weak, but the 16.9 oz. bottle for $1.29 makes up for that shortcoming.  The bouquet is relatively malty with some toasted bread and light floral hops.  Also, maybe the slightest hint of sulphur.  As you may have guessed, it’s a bit weak, but sometimes that is alright, especially if you are drinking Lvivske Lager to wash down a heavy, blood sausage heavy meal. In the finish, you may note a hint of berry.  You know, I like Lvivske, not a lot to it, but it certainly has its place.  65/100


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