Boatswain Double I.P.A.

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Another beer in the Trader Joe’s arsenal of hit-or-miss brews, Boatswain (pronounced BOH-sun) Double I.P.A. Twin Screw Steamer is kind of confounding.  The bouquet is not really that hoppy for starters, especially for a double IPA, but does carry notes of caramel and Cashmere Bouquet soap, which adds some interest.  It’s medium gold in color and its good, white head and vigorous carbonation leaves sticky lace.  It has a smooth, round mouthfeel.  What’s confounding is that it does not taste all that hoppy.  And, for an 8.4% ABV brew, I’m not feeling it after a 22oz. bottle.  It does have the typical Minhas Craft Brewery buttery vibe (they make the Boatswain distributed in my area), but way back in the flavor, making it more like an English Pale Ale, and not a detriment.  Boatswain Double I.P.A. Twin Screw Steamer is easy to drink, not bad, but nothing like what I think a Double I.P.A. should be.  At $2.00 a bottle I can’t complain, I guess.

65/100 IPA, but it’s not a double.


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