Simpler Times only goes as far back as 2005 despite claims to the contrary by its brewer.

simpler-timesOne of the saddest days of my beer drinking life was the day I found out Joseph Huber Brewing had changed hands and had changed the name.  Minhas Craft Brerwery (since 1845 it says on their lable, interesting math on that one!) now occupies that hallowed hall in Monroe, Wisconsin.  Minhas claims to have started producing Rheinlander beer in 1967 when the original Rheinlander Brewery went out of business, according to their website.  I think Mr. Minhas is 25 years old as of this review, and I’m pretty sure it was in 2005 that they took over Huber.  This aspect of Minhas really pisses me off.  Trying to claim a history that is not theirs and spinning it to fool consumers doesn’t sit well with me at all.  I’m trying to be open minded and give their product a chance, so it is with mixed emotions that I make this review.  Minhas’ Simpler Times Pilsner can be purchased at Trader Joe’s and the moment I poured it (12 oz. bottle, not a can) and got a whiff, I would have sworn it was the Huber of the 1980s.  It started with that familiar mild banana ester in the bouquet and in the foamy head.  It is a little sweet and a little buttery.  It’s medium to light gold with good carbonation.  The head lasts surprisingly long and produces some lacing.  It has a smooth texture, a bit of a buttery flavor and a slightly hoppy finish.  It’s not bad, but the buttery qualities might be a bit off-putting to some, and in fact I’m not sure if I enjoy that part of it.  All in all an above average beer, if Busch or Milwaukee’s Best are average beers.


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