Half Acre Lager

I picked up a 6-pack of Half Acre Lager at the Lincoln Ave. brewery in Chicago and have to say I was quite excited to sample some of their brews

Great label design.

onsite. The Ginger Twin India Red Ale (of which I purchased a growler) was fabulous. The Daisy Cutter Pale and Gossamer Golden were great. The lager, again, from a bottled 6-pack was OK. Part of my opinion may be tainted by the fact that it was not brewed onsite, but in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, leading me to believe that it was contract brewed by Sand Creek Brewing. Not that there is anything wrong with Sand Creek, but I felt like I had been misled. Sure, the info was there on the label for me to read, but my assumption that it was brewed onsite didn’t make me feel it necessary to read the fine print on the label in the store. I found it out when I sat down to sample the beer at home. It’s not all bad, believe me, but just a bit of a let down, as I am easily excited about Chicago-based breweries and their wares. Half Acre Lager is gold in color with adequate carbonation and a moderate head to start. The bouqet starts with a hint of banana in the initial pour and settles into a mildly buttery smell. It’s mild overall, and it tastes like a small batch beer, but is a bit more thin-textured than I anticipated. As it settles it becomes a bit grainy with the lingering buttery sensation still apparent. The finish is dry, and the aftertaste is as well. I was prepared to rave about Half Acre Lager, but I just can’t. I will go back for the other beers and try the ones I have yet to try, but I think their lager belongs to the ages as far as I’m concerned.


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