Red Thunder

Image courtesy of Victory Brewing Company.

Image courtesy of Victory Brewing Company.

“Malt beverage aged in wine barrels”?  Sounds mysterious and intriguing.  Red Thunder, from Victory Brewing Co., Downington, PA, is in that family of beers that I love, Barrel-Aged Beers.  This one is actually a Baltic porter.  The flavors that the oak imparts and the residual esters from the spirits that used to reside in them add icrdible flavors and smells to what might be a pedestrian beer.  Red Thunder is as brown as a cola and has a fleeting head that is almost disappointing.  Hey, looks aren’t everything.  Notes of coffee and earthy hops greet the nose with some tart cherry and red wine (as advertised and expected) and finally some raisin.  Nice start!  The texture is thinner than I expected, but maybe the flimsy head should have clued me in.  Red Thunder is tart with a tangy, dry finish and lingering bitterness.  It’s not as complex as some barrel-aged beers, but it’s a nicely built brew.  Yes, it’s woody.  Yes it has some tannic dryness.  Yes, it has winey characteristics.  I prefer bourbon and whiskey to wine, so it falls short of my favorites, but Red Thunder is good and certainly worth a try.

80/100 barrel-aged beer


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  1. This sounds great! No distribution around Columbus OH, dangit.

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