Shiner Hefeweizen

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Shiner Hefeweizen (Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner, TX) is gold, cloudy and super effervescent.  Its fluffy white head collapses into a consistent 1/4″ thick layer that wafts a dry, papery bouquet.  Warming a bit, the bouquet becomes more sweet and citric with a slight hint of alcohol (5.4% ABV).  Shiner Hefeweizen used to be called Honey Wheat, and the honey presence is noticed in the sweetness of the flavor profile and the smoothness of the body.  It’s a little tart too, but not overly.  Shiner Hefeweizen is brewed with lemon and orange peels, and the citrus qualities are nicely done and refreshing.  I sense a little buttery quality at the back of my tongue and that is really the only thing I am not a fan of.  Despite the many subtleties of Shiner Hefeweizen, it is not a complex beer and is in fact a good summer beer.

70/100 hefeweizen



Image borrowed from Saint Arnold Brewing Company.

Weedwacker from St. Arnold Brewing Company, Houston, TX is a beer in the hefeweizen family and displays lots of the good characteristics that you would expect of such.  Bright yellow, slightly hazy and mildly clovey in the nose.  There is a good dose of citrus in the taste, and light, perfumy spices continue to waft.  It’s light-bodied and yeasty with a good dose of sweetness and a dry, bitter finish.  Stock up on this for the summer, if you can find it north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Heiferweizen Wheat Beer

Sometime it doesn’t seem fair to review a beer that so few have access to, but in this case maybe you will make a special trip to Columbus, OH to try this one for yourself.  Heiferweizen (named in honor of Maudine, a famous cow in OSU’s colorful history) is a hazy, light gold wheat beer and comes from Elevator Brewing Company, located in downtown Columbus.  Heiferweizen produces a big head and decent lacing and is vigorously carbonated.  As you would expect from a German-style wheat beer, the banana and clove esters are big!  There is also a bit of skunkiness, more likely a result of the yeast and not of spoilage, and it is not at all off-putting.  This beer is smooth and spicy, with a hint of peppercorn, ample sweetness, more banana and clove, and finally a spicy banana bread finish.  There’s just a touch of bitter/dryness on the back end of the finish.  Heiferweizen is good, fresh, clean and better tasting than a lot of comparible German offerings.  If you are in Columbus, check this one out, and to my Columbus connection, many thanks for introducing me to this perfect summer beer!  81/100 weiss beer

Sam Adams Hefeweizen is good

More redemption for Mr. Koch.  Sam Adams Hefeweizen is a honey-colored and very vigorously carbonated brew that produces a long-lasting 1/2″ thick head.  It’s a bit cloudy, and the bouquet is not overly banana/clovey like its German counterparts.  I’m fine with that.  It’s malty and filling in the nose, and almost bread-like.  It has a smooth texture on the tongue and is truly delicious.  It finishes a bit tangy and fizzy and a tad dry.  It’s a very good American version of the Bavarian classic.  Nice job.