Bare Bottom Madness

Image courtesy of Door County Brewing Company.

Image courtesy of Door County Brewing Company.

There are so many things I like about Wisconsin (the list excludes their big name politicians who’ve been in the news lately, argh.) and today I add Bare Bottom Madness to the list.  No, nothing to do with the annual Nude Bicyclist ride around the capital (I’ve seen it-not appealing in any way shape or form, and there are some very unappealing shapes and forms on display let me tell you), but rather a very tasty American Pale Ale from Door County Brewing Company (Black River Falls and Bailey’s Harbor, WI).  Bare Bottom Madness pours honey-gold and hazy with a super gooey head and Brussels lace.  The wonderful bouquet is a clean light pine/light floral mix.  It’s creamy on the palate and the malty quality compliments the slightly drying hop oils.  Nothing is overstated, the balance is perfect and every quality you want to enjoy in a pale ale is there in spades.  Bare Bottom Madness is 5.2% ABV, so you may want to have two.  It has the feel and credentials of a small batch, well-crafted beer.


90/100 pale ale

Drink local, f*ck AB-Inbev.


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