Angus the Road Builder was here!

Here’s a treat if you can find it.  My friend Bill, an enjoyer of good beer, gave me a bottle of Dirty Bastard Scotch Style Ale, from Founders Brewing Company in Grand Rapids.  It pours smooth and deep red.  The head is there, but not noteworthy.  The bouquet is interesting.  It starts with some whiskey-like qualities.  Then one notices the sweet malt, undetermined spices, peat smoke and coffee, followed by a breeze of alcohol tickling the nose.  The taste starts sweet, smooth and round in the mouth, and quickly reveals a hint of berry, a sharpness, and a roasted malt/coffee taste after swallowing, followed by a hoppy, dry finish.  There are suspended brew particles in it, but not enough to make it cloudy, and it is averagely carbonated.  It’s the perfect brew for a chilly night in Downers Grove (nice name), making my ears warm and head a bit lighter than normal.  Pair it with crusty bread and some 5 year aged Gouda and you have a good time.


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