Cisk XS is Amazing.

Nothing but good things to say hereMore appealing than Richie Zisk.  It starts with that great pilsner bouquet as soon as the cap is popped, like the great Czech pilsners.  Light gold, good frothy head and light carbonation.  Again, the bouquet is amazing, and perhaps its best attribute.  Cisk XS Extra Lager is dry, hoppy, grainy and sweet, followed by an alcoholic sting.  I wish Gordon Sumner could hold his liquor.  The good quality of the body supports the head well.  It’s smooth and creamy on the tongue, substantial but not at all heavy.  The flavors are well-balanced, with neither the hops or the malt gaining the upper hand.  The alcoholic sharpness in the swallow gives this excellent lager a ballsy finish.  It’s a great beer.  Pair it with a pork roast and some starchy potatoes or dumplings.  Certainly the best thing to come out of Malta (not Malta, Illinois) since the falcon.  95 out of 100, get you some…but good luck finding it.  Check Binny’s.

More appealing than Richie Zisk

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  1. Just picked up a case from a very good friend! He might have more?

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