More quality from Joe.

I have never doubted the quality of Trader Joe’s offerings.  That doesn’t mean that I like them all, but for the most part, Joe can find brewers.  I recently tried Trader Jose’s Dark Premium Lager (remember when premium meant you paid a tax on something, not that it was of a superior quality?  I don’t either, I was born in ’63), and found it comparible to Negra Modelo, which is one of the best Vienna style lagers I know.  Jose’s is brewed in Mexico, adding to its authenticy.  It pours orange-brown with lots of carbonation and a head that hangs around.  There’s a good caramel whiff in the bouquet and a bit of yeast as well.  The hop character is a touch on the…stinky side.  There is a hint of grain heretoo, maybe corn.  There is plenty of lacing, and a smooth, pleasnat flavor with mild coffee notes in the finish, follwed by more yeast and hops, this time more floral.  This beer would be great with spicy foods, as it very drinkable and not at all heavy.  It would cut through frijoles and extinguish medium hot peppers rather nicely.  Bien trabajo, Jose!


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