Porcine Unidragon

Image courtesy of beerpulse.com

Image courtesy of beerpulse.com

Porcine Unidragon is not a prog band from the mid 70s.  It’s more like a creature that inhabited the mountains of your high school Dungeons and Dragons universe and screwed with the ale at your half-elf ranger’s favorite inn.  Porcine Unidragon is an excellent American Imperial Stout from Clown Shoes of Ipswich, MA, one of the more fun and adventurous brewers I know of.  Porcine Unidragon is a version of their Braelock Unidragon Russian Imperial Stout, with beechwood smoked malts and bourbon barrel aging to distinguish it.  It is absolutely opaque black, proudly displays its huge beige head and leaves behind awe-inspiring amounts of lacing in curious graphic patterns.  Notes of cocoa, vanilla, bourbon, coffee, butterscotch and caramel abound in the bouquet, and the flavors follow suit.  Add a little coffee bitterness and a 12.5% ABV bite and you’ve just experienced the wonders of Porcine Unidragon.  This is a great beer for fall:  big, complex, warming and consoling for those who miss the warmth and longer days of summer.  It’s a limited run, so if you see it, buy it now.  It will cellar well and certainly be a good winter warmer as well.

90/100 Imperial Stout


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