Hirter Morchl

I see since 1270 on the label and I guarantee I want to be a part of the continuum!  Hirter Brewery in Micheldorf, Austria is the oldest brewery in the country and still privately owned.  They produce 12 varieties of beer, but today I will focus on Hirter Morchl.  It pours Pepsi brown with 1/4″ of densely packed head.  Cocoa, bread and carmelized malt fills the nose.  The taste is a bit rusty at first, but carmel malt follows closely behind. It tastes like what I would expect from an Austrian beer.  Not exactly fresh, but not bad.  Admittedly it gets more complex and flavorful, and therefore more appealing, as it warms.  Starting with the label and going through to the last of the glass, Hirter Morchl just exudes a feeling of a place deep in the alpine woods or a far, dark corner of the Bregenzerwald.  I think I like the feeling and the history of the beer more than the beer itself, but none the less I’ll call it a 70/100 dark lager.


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