Summer Vacation Beer, Part 2

Benton Harbor, MI, has seen some hard times, but there is a movement in progress to rejuvenate the downtown area with a growing arts district.  At the forefront of the movement is The Livery, a brewpub with good food and a great music venue.  If you enjoy hand-forged microbrews in a cozy environment, check them out.  Their McGilligan’s IPA is an American IPA with a minimal head, a medium-gold color profile, a mild floral bouquet, a malty backbone and a sharp, bitter, dry Chinook hops finish.  6.5% ABV.  Harbor Shore Amber is malty, tangy, sweet and has a mild haze about it.  It’s light-bodied and very drinkable.

They are in the process of moving their brewing facilities to a larger space in order to can their beer for distribution in the Chicago area and into Wisconsin.  Good news indeed.

Finally, the bartender was wearing a White Sox cap, so I knew I was in the right place.  Although, I was always told that a gentleman removes his hat when indoors.


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