Samuel Adams Noble Pils: spring approaches

Replacing Spring Ale this season in the Sam Adams lineup

Just a look at this one reminds you that the worst of winter is past and that the warm days ahead are closer and closer.  Noble Pils is medium yellow in color, produces a thick, fluffy head and leaves tons of lacing all the way down, all thought head recedes to a thin, surface-covering layer fairly quickly.  Not a lot of carbonation is visible, but the beer is not flat.  There’s a prominent hoppy aroma, a little floral, a little peppery, but not too strong.  It’s a smooth-bodied beer with a touch of citrus tartness and floral sweetness.  This brew is reminiscent of Sam Adams Golden Pilsner from the mid 90s.  I was a big fan of it back then.  The malt characteristics are not too prominent, but come through in the richness of the body and the smooth texture, and the slight dryness in the finish once again reminds you of the hops.  The term noble hops refers to low bitterness/high aroma varieties such as Saaz, Spalt, Tettnanger and Hallertau (and 1 more in this brew, I don’t know what it is) that are typically used in European pilsners like Pilsner Urquell.  This is a warmer weather beer, and I can imagine it accompanying grilled shishkabobs or pinwheel steaks.  Definitely an above average offering from Jim Koch and Co., and one that will please the hops lover in us all.


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