The beerbliographer scale

The beerbliographer scale.  Science meets whimsy.  Concrete fact meets personal opinion.  Mongoose meets Snake.  Red Baron meets Snoopy.  It works like this:  I put Miller High Life in the category of perfectly average, and I base my scoring system off the fact that an average beer rates 50 points out of 100.  Something like Michelob Ultra, one of the weakest beers I’ve ever had might rate a 10.  Sierra Nevada Pale Ale might be in the high 90s, as it is one of my favorites.  Therefore, anything above a 66 might be worth a try, and anything under a 33 would be a real time and money waster.  Simple, yes?

0-10  Crap

10-20  Awful

20-30  Bad

30-40  Not Good

40-50  Below average

50-60  Middle of the Road, but worth a try

60-70  Decent

70-80  Good

80-90  Very Good

90-100  Excellent

Additionally, I am only comparing beers within their category, so a light beer that scores an 85/100 would not do so well compared to a Belgian that scored an 85/100 in a head to head competition.  I am a fair and just man.


2 Responses

  1. You said you were remiss in your review of 90 shilling and I have been remiss in telling you what a great site this is. Great reviews and a really professional look/feel.

    • Thanks very much. I do this for you the beer drinker as much as I do it for myself. Beer is the perfect beverage, unless you are operating heavy machinery.

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