Bully Porter

Here's a good one fer ye.

Boulevard Brewing Company has a great track record when it comes to producing excellent beers.  Find yourself a sampler 12-pack and see for yourself.  One of the brews included will likely be Bully Porter.  Bully is black and produces a huge and long-lasting head.  The Brussels lace is positively sexy.  It looks like something between a foamy, seven course brick wall (sexy to a brick layer) and lingerie lace (sexy to everyone else).  The bouquet has a bit of tang to it, attesting to the hops presence, but Bully has more prominent coffee notes.  The taste reminds me of a good homebrew, with yeast, more coffee and roasted nuts.  Bully is as substantial as it is drinkable.  Not a paradox, just a good brew.  85/100 Porter


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