Wee Heavy-er Scotch Ale

wee heavyLet me start by saying that Asheville, NC, is Beer City USA.  The most breweries per capita of any US city, and about 22 in the area are brewing as we speak.  What a place!  French Broad Brewing Company (great name, but named after the French Broad River, not a can can dancer with an attitude) has been around since 1999, and there’s many good reasons that they have lasted so long.  One of those reasons is called Wee Heavy-er Scotch Ale.  This is a style I’ve really taken a shine to recently and this one does not disappoint.  Wee Heavy-er is a medium brown brew with a fleeting head that leaves a good deal of lace.  The bouquet is full of good notes:  Roasted caramel malt, grainy bead dough and roasted nuts.  There’s a good deal of sweetness in the flavor, but it’s not overdone.  At 7% ABV there is a touch of alcohol bite which accentuates the mild and ephemeral bitterness.  This one really makes the saliva thick, but it’s not a heavy, sticky beer, and is in fact quite drinkable.  Finish off with more toasty, toasty malt in the exhale and mild bittersweet sensation on the palette and you’ve just been well taken care of by the folks at French Broad Brewing Company.

85/100 wee heavy


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