Modelo Especial

Good stuff! I should stock this in my fridge all of the time. Modelo Especial reminds me of a good Polish beer, with its full Body and full flavor, very unlike what I expect from a Mexican lager. Corona, lame. Tecate, low quality. But Especial, special! To start, this beer can really be appreciate fully enjoyed from the thick-walled, clear bottle. The well-balanced bouquet goes from sweet to sharp. Medium gold in color, not really fizzy, medium-bodied and crisp with a moderately hopped finish. This beer can be enjoyed by itself, but it is really great with spicy food (Mexican, Thai, Indian) and it is very refreshing and satisfying. Modelo Especial is a well-crafted world class beer, and it is under appreciated for sure. 90/100 in the lager category.


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