Erebuni Beer

OK, this is probably a stupid beer to review, as I think few in this area will come across it, but here goes.  Erebuni Beer is from Armenia, and it is a lager, probably in the pilsner family.  Somehow I just knew what this beer would be like before I even opened it.  It gives off that Polish-ish lager vibe, and lives up to that vibe pretty well.  It pours medium gold with pink highlights, sports a splotchy head and seems just a bit hazy.  The bouquet is sweet with notes of dough and a touch of alcohol.  It is a 6.4% ABV after all.  The taste is fairly mild, with some brown sugar or maybe carmel, and some bitterness in the finish.  Erebuni is lighter bodied than I expected, and it is certainly a drinkable brew.  If I had found this beer in Armenia, I’d probably think I was really on to something, but in fact this came from a cut-out bin at Binny’s for $.99 a 16.9 oz. bottle.  The price was right, but this one earns a 62/100.


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