St. Bernardus Tripel

Apart from the poor spelling of triple (yes, I know, I’m kidding) this beer has a lot going for it.  St Bernardus Tripel is bright yellow, very effervescent, slightly cloudy and floats on big, fluffy head.  It has a tart, sharp bouquet, yeasty with a touch of carmel.  There a definite carmel note in the taste as well, and it’s sharp on the sides of the tongue.  It tweaks the salivary glands.  It’s surprisingly rich and thick, betraying it’s looks.  Really good.  And I believe it is the favorite beer of happy hunting frontman and cheesemonger Matt Parker, and he know his stuff.


Mad Hatter IPA

Ultra hoppy bouquet.  Whoa!  Still, Mad Hatter IPA has a good, smooth, buttery quality in the nose.  There’s a light floral quality to the taste, sharp and dry, and followed by a whoosh of alcohol, and just a touch of carmel.  This stuff is very good.  The hops are prominent but not astringent.  Try this great IPA, it’s true to the style and better than most.