Coffee Break Abduction

cbaCoffee Break Abduction, from one of Chicago’s newest breweries (Pipeworks Brewing Company, 1675 N. Western Ave.) has a lot going for it.  Let’s start with the crazy label art, reminiscent of a hokey B-Movie poster from the 50s.  Just look at it.  Then, how about the beer itself.  Coffee Break Abduction is an imperial stout with coffee and vanilla, and a weighty 10.5% ABV.  What a grand idea.  My bottle came from the legendary “Batch 72” and it pours black as night with a generous and oh-so-lacey head.  There’s a great coffee smell, roasted on the edge of burnt with a hint of clean paper.  The hops dry tang is there, but mainly it’s coffee bitterness, and vanilla in the exhale is a nice touch to wrap it all up.  The coffee comes from local craft coffee roaster Ipsento.  In spite of all the coffee notes, there is a good deal of sweetness that one becomes aware of in the finish.  A well-crafted, robust stout, and an overall enjoyable offering from Pipeworks.


2 Responses

  1. Have you ever tried Ipsento coffee outside of the beer? Besides local beer, I’m always looking out for local coffee roasters, although I think a lot of them tend to only sell to coffee shops and other commercial endeavors.

    • I only started drinking coffee regularly a few months ago, so no, I haven’t tried anything from Ipsento. Yet.

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