Czech your store for this

This may be the best Czech lager that I have tried.  Czechvar, Premium Czech Lager.  I guess I haven’t tried too many, but maybe 6 or 7 different varieties.  Urquell, Rado-something, Krusovice, what have you.  Despite it’s affiliation with A-B, it is unique and authentic.  It has similar qualities to Pilsner Urquell, the very same qualities that make Czech lagers and pilsners the best in the world.  I drank this at a party, and did not take notes as I drank it, so as not to look like an asshole and know-it-all beer snob.  I am both of those, but I don’t need to prove it in public.  I did peel and save the label thohg, as I do with all the beers I try.  Anyway, it was smooth, clean, malty, hoppy…fabulous.  I look forward to studying it more closely in the future.

Any suggestions for another good Czech beer that I might find in the Chicago area?  I’ve concentrated on Belgians most recently, and need to branch out.  Let me know.

One last thing.  Why do some breweries use label glue that releases easily in warm water and others use 3M high performance vinyl adhesive that is almost stronger than the bottle?  Don’t they realize people want to save the labels?


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