Summer Vacation Beer, Part 3

Sawyer, in far southwest Michigan is home to one the best brewpubs I have been to, and I’ve been to one or two.  Housed in a building that has been home to an auto repair shop, a plumbing shop, a video rental shop and a laundromat over the years, Greenbush Brewing Company is what I would call a regional treasure.  With at least 12 beers on tap, my companions and I had a couple of flights and a couple of pints, and we were impressed.

Let’s start with the waitstaff.  In the middle of a hot Saturday afternoon with a near overflow crowd, our waitress Nicole was welcoming, friendly and patient, and she made us feel at home.  The folks behind the bar were efficient and had no problem keeping up with the crowd.

The beers were all fantastic, and the stuff that makes a repeat customer out of you.  Penitence Rye Stout was a medium-bodied brew, tart, sharp and spicy with a crisp, bitter finish.  Traktor Golden Cream Ale was a very drinkable, mildly sweet, unfiltered beer with some nice grainy notes.  Closure is a nice ale, hoppy, bitter and dry with tons of lace.  There’s a hint of sulphur way back, but it is not strong, and it works well.  Red Bud is a copper-hued wheat ale, sweet, malty, caramelly with a nice body.  Terminator A.S.A. is pretty alcoholy, tart with some coffee overtones way back.  Retribution is reminiscent of a Unibroue beer, like Trois Pistoles,  and is brewed with raisins, dates and brown sugar.

Make time to visit Greenbush Brewing Company.  Their beers are starting to show up on tap in the Chicago area, so ask about it at your favorite watering hole.  You won’t be disappointed.

This is what heaven looks like!


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