I didn’t know Eyetalians liked beer

la rossaSure I did, but I haven’t had much of it, and can only think of 2 brands off the top of my head.  But last night, my wife had (she let me taste it) a fantastic dopplebock, namely Moretti La Rossa.  It’s dark with a tan head that leaves plenty of lacing.  Plenty of alcohol too, at 7.2%, but it was smooth nonetheless, with a full mouthfeel.  Nice roasted barley notes and a spiciness reminiscent of licorice, but not so much that it is offensive.  It definitely rates up there with the good Bavarian doppelbocks and I’d say this is worth seeking out.  It would compliment a hearty, flavorful  Italian meal, too.  Find a driver if you’re going to have 2 or more.


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