Moaten: a good thing, mostly

Moaten, a collabortion between Two Brothers Brewing and Urthel Brewing, is a $5.00, 12.7 oz. bottle of beer.  Well, it’s a lot more than that, but that’s pretty expensive for what you get.  I’ll start with the cons, of which there are very few.  I found it a bit thin and a bit flat, but that may be typical for the style.  The bottle is corked, and did not pop when opened, which made me think I’d been ripped off.  Now, on to the pros.  This oak barrel aged sour Flemish-style red ale, if poured vigorously, will release some carbonation and a thin head.  The bouquet is sour and acetic for a brief moment, then rich, carmelly and sweet as the full whiff is inhaled.  A touch of alcohol and the tang of hops follows.  It is a thin-bodied beer, but full of flavor.  The sourness is light and pleasant, with hints of citrus, fruit and brown sugar present.  There is some light lacing as the tuli glass is drained.  The finish is tart and a dryness is left in the throat for some time, yet at the same time the richness of the malt thickens your saliva.  I call this a good collaborative effort, but am put off by the price tag.


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